Forbes magazine recommends Panama as a real estate investment

Panama's real estate market is to recover the fastest in America post Covid-19

Peace Shines in This Christmas

DECURIA GROUP supports christmas event at San Carlos Town

Beach Business Networking

Desarrolladora El Palmar participates as an active member of the Beach Business Networking meetings.

The Pacific Riviera Pro Tourism Association

The plan to increase the transit of tourist to the pacific riviera of beaches of Panama

Marketing Flyers Hand Out

Flyers hand out in front of Novey Coronado

Construction Progress

A glimpse on how the construction progress of the Low Rise is coming a long

Decuria Group & Multibank

Strategic partnership to secure your investment

What does it mean to be a resident at El Palmar Residences?

More than a residential gated community, El Palmar Residences has so much more to offer......

Multiple Benefits of Bathing in the Ocean

Did you know that bathing in the ocean and having a stroll down the beach, has many benefits in our heatlh?

El Palmar Beach Front Community

Come and experience el Palmar Beach Front Community